How long are sinus infections contagious ?

Is a Sinus Infection Contagious

The Best Answers to “Is a Sinus Infection Contagious?”

“Is a sinus infection contagious?” This question has been raised by concerned citizens following a report that about 25 million Americans were infected by sinusitis in the year 2014 alone.

To address the growing concern, information campaigns about sinusitis, which primarily used the ability of networking sites to spread information rapidly, were utilized.

Still, several others felt that these measures were still not enough for them to let off guard. They had to get the answer straight from the horse’s mouth – their physicians.

But whether one was listening to a seminar, or reading from blogs, or visiting his physician, the answer to the question would remain in the negative – sinusitis is not contagious.


Sinusitis and Its Implications

First, it should be established that sinusitis is hardly fatal – unless a patient is suffering from other respiratory diseases, which can aggravate the condition.

This is a more important issue than what the question “is a sinus infection contagious?” may entail.

This is because the former deals with whether one’s life is in danger or not.

For example, if one is suffering from lung emphysema or bronchitis, the insufficient supply of oxygen can cause death should an attack be made worse by the presence of sinus infection.


Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle: Keeping People from Asking the

Question “Is a Sinus Infection Contagious?”

Let us also remind them that the best way to protect ourselves from developing sinusitis infection is by keeping a clean environment, maintaining good hygienic habits and eating the right kind of food.

Junk and oily foods should be avoided to maintain a healthy immune system, hands should always be washed while avoiding using things that other people use and the home environment should be disinfected regularly especially the unlighted areas of the house.

One should maintain these healthy practices as doing so is the only way that people can keep themselves away from contracting colds or allergy attacks, which are precursors to developing sinusitis.

For this, sinusitis infection should not be viewed the way that HIV infection is transferred from one person to another.
Sinusitis is not transferred. Instead it is developed and processed by the immune system within the body – automatically.


The answer to the question “is a sinus infection contagious?” is further explained.

The body has its own defense system which is responsible for fighting and killing harmful substances or pathogens entering the body.

It is also the one that is responsible for healing the body when wounded, or it deals with the restoration of damaged tissues such as those caused by cancer cells.

Ironically, this defense system is the same body mechanism responsible for developing sinusitis.

The sticky mucus from the sinuses is the tool used by the body to protect the respiratory system from getting further invaded by pathogens.

It is also through the mucus that these pathogens are trapped and discharged through the nose and the mouth. That is why people who have sinusitis often spit off mucus or sneeze.

In other words, sinusitis is a byproduct of the natural reaction of the body against bacteria, viruses, or allergens responsible for colds or allergies- although developing sinusitis does not happen every time a cold or an allergy occurs.


An Overview of Sinusitis Symptoms

This section explains the reason why some people still insist on asking the question “is a sinus infection contagious?” despite getting to hear encouraging explanations.

Sinusitis symptoms are simply too numerous to be taken for granted or endured. Further, these symptoms are located just any anywhere in the head, a fact that can send chills to people.

One of these is already mentioned above: An overload of mucus in the sinuses will cause the body to discharge this substance to avoid nasal congestion.

Pain under the eyes, along the facial tissues and on the teeth will occur – along with intermittent occurrence of severe headache. Sinusitis patients will also experience fever and sore throat.

These symptoms are very uncomfortable but there are other sinusitis symptoms that a patient will have to consider as he relates to people, an area where the question “is a sinus infection contagious?” gets attention.

Some sinusitis symptoms can be very repugnant to other people – hence, their social repercussions: constant coughing, sneezing, redness of eyes and bad breath. These symptoms will make one lose friends (and probably lose their jobs) if sinusitis will not be treated over time.

And if the condition is not treated immediately, it can result in some other more serious complications. There are reported cases of people with sinusitis developing meningitis within one to two years.

This complication develops as the sinusitis infection spreads and reaches the brain. Asthma and osteomyelitis were also recorded as complications of untreated sinusitis over long periods of time.


Visit Your Physician Regularly

In consequence of the severe complications that are mentioned here, you will have to visit your physician regularly once you experience sinusitis – now or in the past.

This write-up is at best just a summary of data and observations about sinusitis no matter how much has been shared here.

The point is: Your physician is the best authority to consult especially if you are somebody who has been experiencing this problem on and off.
And for other people who have been troubled with the idea of a possibility of contracting the disease from an outside source, your doctor is the best person who can answer your query “is a sinus infection contagious?” Of course, you will have other questions about sinusitis (which have not been taken up here) that only your physician can clarify.

After all, he’s been with you and your family for a long time already. He has thorough knowledge of your condition.

As mentioned, a lot of Americans are suffering from this disease annually and the projection for the future is painting a grim picture. Americans will have to face the problem squarely.

If not, although they may not at all worry about losing their own lives by way of sinusitis, they will just continue to be anxious about the question “is a sinus infection contagious

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How long are sinus infections contagious ?

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